07 Mount Shield Lens

The PENTAX-07 Mount Shield Lens produces a truly unique and timeless visual effect, comparable to the original pin-hole camera—with a fixed aperture of F9 and a focal length of 11.5 mm (53mm in 35mm format when mounted on the PENTAX Q7 camera body or 63.5mm on the PENTAX Q or Q10 camera body), for an extra-ordinary image with distinctively velvety edges. Featuring a focusing range of approximately 0.3-2m, still life shots and macro photography are given a beautiful dream-like look and feel.

PENTAX-07 Mount Shield Lens for PENTAX Q
Lens Mount PENTAX Q-mount
Focal Length 11.5mm (53.0mm on the Q7; 63.5mm on the Q/Q10)
Lens Construction(group/elements) 1 element in 1 group
Angle of View 44.5° (on the Q7), 37.5° (on the Q/Q10)
Max. Aperture (f) Fixed at F9
Diaphragm Control Fixed
Min. Focusing Distance Approx. 0.3m to 2.0m
Max. Magnification n/a
Filter Diameter 4n/a
Max. Diameter x Min. Length 40.8mm x 6.9mm
Weight (g) Approx. 8g
Model No. 22267