Discontinued Service Notification for Pentax Products

Parts for many older Pentax products are no longer being produced and, as a result, servicing of these products has been discontinued.

Servicing of the following products has been discontinued at our repair facilities:

35mm and SLR Camera Bodies, Lenses and Accessories
  • All Screw mount Camera Bodies (i.e. Spotmatic series)
  • All Screw mount Lenses
  • All Screw mount Accessories
  • K2 and K2DMD Camera Bodies
  • KX and KM Camera Bodies
  • MX Camera Body
  • ME, Program Plus, A3000, PT-135 Camera Bodies
  • ME-F Camera Body and SMCP-AF 35-70 Zoom Lens
  • SF-series Autofocus SLR Camera Bodies – SF1, SF1N, SF10

Motor Drives, Winders and Battery Packs for 35mm SLR Bodies
  • Spotmatic/ESII Motor Drive Units and KX/KM Motor Drive Units
  • MX, ME and ME II Winders
  • MX Motor Drive Ni-Cad Battery Pack
  • Power Pack M, Charge Pack M
  • Motor Drive A, Battery Pack A

Medium Format Camera Bodies and Lenses
  • 6×7 Camera bodies (pre-1975, no mirror lock-up)
  • 6×7 90mm f/2.8 Leaf Shutter Lens

Auto 110 Camera Bodies, Lenses and Accessories
  • Auto 110 and Auto 110 Super Camera Bodies and 110 Lenses
  • Winder 110

35mm Compact Cameras
  • PC35AF series Cameras and PC35 Winder
  • PC-555, 333, 505, 313, 303 Cameras
  • Sport series and Pino Cameras
  • Zoom 70, 70-S, 60, 90 ,60X,70X,70R,90WR,105,105R,280P,28W Cameras
  • Espio ,P, W, Jr, Mini Cameras
  • Espio 70,80,110,115,120,140,160,200 ,738 Cameras
  • Espio 90MC, 115M, 115G Cameras

APS Format Compact Cameras
  • APS Cameras – Efina, Efina T, Efina J

Digital Cameras
  • EI-Series- EI-C90, EI-100, EI-200, EI-2000

Flash Units and Spotmeters
  • 3/21º Spotmeters
  • Early 1/21º Spotmeters (BROWN plastic cover) and Spotmeter II and III
  • AF100P, AF130P, AF16, AF160, AF14, AF140, AF200S and AF160SA Electronic Flash Units

  • All old model Zoom Binoculars
  • Some old model Binoculars (examined case-by-case)

Video Cameras
  • All Pentax Video Cameras and Accessories